Freedom Home Academy wants to ensure that every child is treated justly. There are many values and principles that we feel are important for every Afrikan. We extracted a few that will serve as simple guidelines for children behavior at the Academy. We recognize that children have shifting behaviors at times as they learn more about themselves and growing. We will do everything we can to foster an environment of positive development and learning how to deal with change, emotion, and knowledge.

Respect self and Respect your Afrikan brothers and sisters

Love yourself as a proud Afrikan

No malicious or unwarranted violence

Respect your mind and body

Act with integrity- tell the Truth

Be Self-determined

Be productive with your time

No wasting of food

No taking without permission

Discipline yourself by being organized

Honor Afrikan ancestors and the Afrikan Red, Black, & Green flag

Share your knowledge and be collective with your actions

Reconcile differences with your brothers and sisters

Accept consequences of inappropriate behavior

Study to master comprehension

Act and dress in a dignified manner

The IWA and It’s Code of Culture

Every people, working to replicate themselves progressively, positively and inter-generationally, needs guidelines, affirmations as to why they are and what they are supposed to be considering, leaving and practicing at each life stage in order to develop and maintain the quality of character their ancestors possessed. As a Freedom Home Academy Intl-Detroit student, affirmations are recited daily as well as our Code of Culture.

We Affirm:

  1. We know that we are African and we are obligated to teach this fact.
  2. We respect our Ancestors and will acknowledge them.
  3. We have fun and we are happy as we learn.
  4. We see all that is around us and we are dedicated to make change.
  5. We love ourselves and we know we are loved by African people.
  6. We love Africa.


  1. Brothers and Sisters of Nkrumah will greet everyone who enters the Shule in a pleasant and warm manner.
  2. We will give praise where praise is due.
  3. We function with each other in the spirit and reality of Umoja.
  4. We live and believe in Ujamaa and the concept of the extended family. We will put this believe into practice.
  5. Although we live and believe in Ujima, each Brother and Sister is responsible for the other’s well-being and the well-being of his family. When Each small unit is functional, the larger unit will be a success.
  6. Brothers will be sensitive to the needs of Sisters. We will strive to perfect the workings of the household.
  7. All Brothers should be actively involved with a Sister who seeks or has the potential for growth as related to our struggle for independence.
  8. We are not players or creepers but Blackmen, therefore we will not seek to play or creep. Playing creates bad feelings and bad images.
  9. We will not abuse or misuse Brothers or Sisters .
  10. We will be servants of the people.
  11. We will act and dress in a dignified and respectable manner.
  12. We will take care of our mind and body.
  13. We will constantly learn to discipline ourselves.
  14. We will not be afraid to be labeled a revolutionary, radical or a militant. We will be loyal to our people.
  15. We will strive to be the best.
  16. Respect and consult with our elders.
  17. We will make education a top priority.
  18. We will be a positive role model for our children and teach them to love and identify with African traditions and features.
  19. We will air differences behind closed doors.
  20. We will practice what we preach.

Clothing with European images are not allowed at school.

Female students must wear skirts that are below the knee.

  • For severe offensive behavior, students are under a 2 strike policy and possible expulsion from academy
  • Certain behaviors will be treated case by case with parent involvement.
  • Academy reserves the right to not admit any child, and perform corrective action as the Director sees fit

If you have questions about our program, please call us to discuss by appointment, or send us a message through our contact page.


Your child’s safety is very important to us. We go through high measures to ensure that everyone is safe.

Parents/authorized family members must sign form of alternative pick up designees.

The facility is monitored by an ADT Security system with a 120 second response time guarantee by Emergency Services. A closed circuit camera is positioned at the lower level entrance for extra security and monitored by the building maintenance.

He who does not know, can know from learning.

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